Amazon Alexa— "Hearables" Project
An exploration into the potential value Alexa can add to our daily lives outside of the home.
  • Creative Director
  • Lead Designer
  • Content Strategist
  • UX Designer - My role
  • Research report
  • 2 Vision videos
  • UI framework
8 weeks

Amazon hired Fictive Kin for an eight-week project exploring hero experiences for using Alexa on-the-go through headphones and earbuds.

The purpose for the project was to come up with contextually useful feature sets that would make Alexa an indispensable resource outside of the home or car, specifically in the travel, fitness, and leisure segments.

The final deliverables were a 34-page report, two vision videos, and a UI framework. These were used internally by Amazon to scope future work and drive partner engagement.

I lead the user research and team brainstorming portions of the project, and based on our findings and ideation, I created a UI framework showing how the new Alexa on-the-go features could fit into the existing Alexa mobile app.


Our research, videos, and UI framework inspired a lot of cross-team discussion during our final presentation. It was clear we gave them a lot to think about and work with.

We heard positive feedback from the project lead at Amazon, who followed up with us to say our work "put [the Alexa team] in the right spot to move forward."

More of my work on this project can be seen here. Please email me for the password.

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