An emoji-based mood journal that helps you see your feelings.
  • Creative Director
  • Product Manager
  • Product Designer - My role
  • Backend Engineer
  • iOS Engineer
  • iPhone app
6 months
App launched November 2014

Emojiary is an app where you text a tiny chatbot how you're feeling using emojis. The concept came from exploratory user interviews, where the resounding lament was not being in touch with their feelings, but finding the blank page of a journal too intimidating.

As a team, we created a user-centered experience that made expressing your emotions easy and fun. The app was made up of three main pages: Chat, where you make your entries; History, where you can see stats and trends; and Goodies, where you can see the exclusive emojis you earned that were accessible through the custom iOS keyboard. When designing the interface, my goal was to create an environment that felt inviting and unique, but not overwhelming. I achieved this by using colorful gradients, minimal navigation, and subtle animations.


During a month-long beta test with 1,000 users, 75% made daily entries. After three months on the market, the app collected over 300,000 user entries, and maintained a 30% DAU/MAU ratio.

Emojiary was also written about favorably in The Atlantic, Fast Company, and Tech Crunch.

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